Joy of life through art - Art through joy of life




Creativity is a gift, blessing my life with joy. Thankful for this gift I want to express and share this joy of life through my artwork. I am a born optimist who believes the world needs more sparkles of joy and magic. We are surrounded by so much beauty - all we need is to stop running around for a while and open our eyes and our soul


I'm constantly inspired by the small and big wonders of our nature - the four seasons, forests and rocks, plants and animals, as well as wild flowing waters or birds' nests. On the other hand, ordinary everyday objects can trigger my phantasy - these spontaneous ideas often result to playful imagined stories  with a touch of fairytale or silent humour. Art through joy of life - joy of life through art!


Welcome to explore my portfolio to see a selection of my original artwork - hand-pulled monotype prints, watercolour paintings in different techniques, soft pastel paintings, linocuts and more, as I love to experiment and find new ways to express myself.  My artwork has been published in company calendars and a number of international exhibition catalogues (see CV). Many of my originals already found a new home, many are still available directly or through following online galleries:


Feel free to  contact me for  further information. Enjoy!


Above:: Same Tribe; watercolour 2020, exhibited at

FabrianoInAcquarello 2021, Fabriano Italy