Joy of life + joy of art



As a self-taught visual artist I am committed to life-long learning  to find new ways to express my joy of life. I live and work in Iittala village, surrounded by beautiful nature which inspires me.


My art journey started with traditional  watercolours. I also learned special techniques, such as watercolour batik painting on rice paper and painting on the synthetic paper (Yupo) . I have deepened my painting skills at workshops of internationally known professional watercolour artists, and am still actively participating at international watercolour events.


At the moment, I spend my days in the wonderful world of graphics, creating hand-printed  monotypes, monoprints and mixed media artworks, based on the gel printing technique. Soft pastel paintings, linocuts and encaustics are further media I use. Each of these boosts my creativity and helps me to grow as an artist. All these techniques are only my tools; endless enthusiasm and lively imagination are my strengths. My works often show a playful approach and include hidden stories. With my art I wish to express and share my joy of life and love of nature. Art through joy of life - joy of life through art!


In the portfolio  you find original artworks, created in different media. New works are added frequently.  My works have been exhibited since 2013  at numerous exhibitions internationally  (CV).


The new page Exhibitions 2024 tells you more of recent, ongoing and future exhibition projects.


Should you be interested in a specific original work, or think I could help with some of your art related projects, feel free to contact me. Selected works are available only at TAIKO, the online gallery for Finnish art - they deliver worldwide. 


Original Art is a sustainable gift - when words are not enough, artworks can take their role!


Above: Babysitter fell asleep, 38x56 cm, 2024

Watercolor on Yupo. Exhibited at XXVII ECWS 2024

in Tampere, Culture Center Laikku, Aug. 10-25, 2024