ARTIST CV        Raxu Helminen                                                    -


1948 in Virolahti / Finland


Translator/Interpreter (German/Finnish) 1969

Bachelor of Science (Econ) 1972


Finnish, German, English, Swedish

Work history

Intl. banking, Export Secretary, Marketing Manager 1972 - 1985

Entrepreneur 1985 -     


Self-taught visual artist, studied watercolor painting since 2008. In addition to traditional techniques, familiar with the watercolor batik technique and watercolors on YUPO.


Also using monotype printing and image transfer techniques to create unique hand-pulled monotypes and mixed media works. Soft pastels, encaustics, linocuts and inks add to the creative possibilities which seem to be endless.


Sources of inspiration: Anything and everything! Mostly pure imagination, often Finnish nature and wildlife, yet also simple everyday objects – spiced with imagination and a bit of fairytale. Playful approach with hidden stories. "Artworks are visual stories – stories are verbal artworks – both of them trigger my phantasy. I wish to develop my visual skills further, to be able to share more freely my joy of life and love for nature through my paintings."


Exhibitions  2013          Naivists in Iittala, Iittala/Finland

                       2014           Natürlich! Bad Breisig Kulturbahnhof/Germany. Solo exhibition

 Outo, Gallery Tärinä, Riihimäki/Finland (Photo art)

                       2015           Luontoäidin kosketus, Virojoki/Finland, with Ursula Wicki (CH)

                       2016           Jäppilänniemi Art Road, Imatra/Finland

                       2017           Metsä II, Akvart Gallery, Helsinki/Finland 

 FabrianoInAcquarello 2017, Fabriano/Italy

 IWS Ecuador, Quito and Ibarra / Ecuador                  

 Kotimaa tää pohjoinen, Pieksämäki/Finland(SAY)

 IWS Slovakia; Bratislava, Presov and Budimir/Slovakia

 Katsopas kummaa Main library Hämeenlinna/Finland, solo exhibition

 Luontoäidin kutsu, Cafe Laurell Hämeenlinna/Finland,  solo exhibition

 Arte Nordica Fabriano 2017 Akvart Gallery, Helsinki/Finland

                       2018           FabrianoInAcquarello 2018, Fabriano/Italy

 IWS Czech Republic, Prague/

 Diary of an Imagineer (Mielikuvittelijan Päiväkirja), Hauho/Finland, solo exhibition

 Koti, Akvart Gallery Helsinki/Finland, together with Anne Purho

 Arte Nordica Fabriano 2018, Akvart gallery Helsinki/Finland

                      2019            FabrianoInAcquarello 2019, Fabriano/Italy, Country Leader for Finland

                                           Iittala Ensemble, Hattula/Finland

                                           Super sweet dreams, Hämeenlinna/ Finland

                                           IWS Finland “Nature, Power, Beauty”, Helsinki/ Finland

                                           Arte Nordica Fabriano 2019, Akvart Gallery, Helsinki /Finland

                                           Art Bridge Biennale 2019, St. Petersburg/ Russia

                     2020             Myrsky/Storm, Vöru/ Estonia

                                           UrbinoInAcquarello. Urbino/ Italy (Online only due to Covid)

                                           FabrianoInAcquarello, Fabriano/ Italy. Country Leader for Finland. Online only

                                           Malaysia International Online juried Competition /Landscapes. Online only

                 2021                  Aquarelle Pyreénne, France – juried online exhibition

                                            FabrianoInAcquarello 2020-2021, Fabriano/ Italy. Country Leader for Finland

                                            Gruppo Fabriano 2020-2021, Helsinki/ Finland. Curator & organizer 


Memberships                SAY – Suomen Akvarellitaiteen Yhdistys  (Finnish Watercolour Society)

                                          Hämeenlinnan Taiteilijaseura (Hämeenlinna Artist’s Society) 

Nordiska Akvarellsällskapet (Nordic Watercolour Society)

Hämeen Taideartteli


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                                                      and directly from the artist


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