Joy of life through art - Art through joy of life





Creativity is a gift, blessing my life with joy and magic. Thankful for this gift I want to express and share this joy of life and my love for nature through my artwork. 


I'm constantly inspired by the small and great wonders of our nature - the four seasons, forests and rocks, plants and animals, as well as wild flowing waters or birds' nests. On the other hand, ordinary everyday objects can trigger my imagination - these spontaneous ideas often result to playful paintings  with a touch of fairytale or silent humour.  For me,  each painting is a visual story and each viewer interprets it in his/her own individual way.   Art through joy of life - joy of life through art!



Welcome to explore my portfolio to see a selection of my works - mainly watercolours on different surfaces, plus some soft pastel paintings and graphics.    Some paintings already found a new home; some have been published in company calendars and international exhibition catalogues.


Certain paintings are available only through TAIKO web store at


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